1-  EmpowerIng adult trainers and trainees in Care Attendance and IT with skills that will help to improve seniors’ lives , using a peer cooperative approach. They will help each other to co-create joint solutions involving VAR (Virtual and Augmented Reality ) that will enhance seniors’ life and memory by using an intergenerational approach.

2- Creating 2 case-studies per country (O2) using  (VR) and (AR) tools  to improve the life and memory of senior citizens and by offering them activities and exchanges of experiences with younger generations.

3- Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in Adult learners motivating them to exploit further content addressed to the needs of more seniors using VAR .

4- Sharing this open web portal which will provide an entry point to freely access the main project results for all interested stakeholders .


VARTES combines a peer to peer approach among adult students  and teachers from different curriculums and countries that are discovering  together the advantages of  an intergenerational approach  .

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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