Akdeniz University

(Antalya, Turkey) was founded in 1982 and incorporates a number of higher education institutions in the West Mediterranean region of Turkey. Its mission is to provide education and scientific production at a universal level through high quality academic programmes, contributing to transformation of information to technology, meeting the needs of society at the highest level in the fields of knowledge and technology as well as artistic, social, cultural, and other areas. The vision of Akdeniz University is to become a distinguished university, which continuously enhances the quality of its work in the fields of research, education, art, and technology; which is sensitive to the environment; which is entrepreneurial, and which is recognized internationally for its scientific work.

Akdeniz University has played a significant role, which provides added value to the entire country from a starting point in the West Mediterranean region by implementing important activities of vital importance in the fields of education, research and development, and in the services it provides to society. Akdeniz University has put its signature on a list of outstanding successes in the fields of health, science, social development, education, language, and arts at both the national and international level.

Akdeniz University has about 84,000 students and 2,700 members of the academic staff. The main campus of our university is located between Dumlupınar Boulevard and the Uncalı district. The main campus has an area of 3,483,589m2, which includes 615,105m2 of built up area. The campuses have a total indoor area 681,598m2.

Akdeniz University continues its various activities in the fields of education, research and service to society in 24 Faculties, 7 Institutes, 1 School, 1 Conservatory, 12 Vocational Schools and 54 Research and Application Centres (Website: http://eng.akdeniz.edu.tr/).